Meme Game – Collab with Poorwa!

Hi there, lovely people! Welcome back! Hope you’re having a great day so far! I’m so excited today because I’m doing a Collab with Poorwa! Here she is…

Hey friends! It’s Poorwa here. I’m so happy to do this collab with Roshni, I hope you’ll have fun reading this post.

Poorwa is an amazing blogger who I met last month. I love her motivational lyrics!

This Collab is all about memes! You all love memes, don’t you?

I gave Poorwa some prompts and she has shared some memes for them! Another half of this post is in Poorwa’s blog. Don’t forget to check it out!

So here we go!


So relatable! XD


Art speaks! Xb

Video games

Again, so relatable!


Happens with me tons of times!


The memes you chose were awesome, Poorwa! I enjoyed doing this post with you.

Hope you all enjoyed this and don’t forget to check out the other half of this post in Poorwa’s blog! I’m looking forward to doing more collabs in future so do let me know if anyone wants to do a collab? Also, which meme was your favourite?

Have a great day!

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