When life is hard, read this💛

You might be struggling, you might have family issues, maybe someone in your family is sick, maybe something is bothering you, maybe you are anxious about something, maybe you haven’t slept for days, maybe someone is accusing you of something you haven’t done, maybe you broke up with your loved one or maybe you lost your loved one, maybe you are sad but you don’t know why. No matter what you are going through, no matter what your problems are, no matter how weak or hopeless you feel, I know that you are strong. I know that this would go away just like the dark clouds do after rain. Whatever you are going through will make you ten times stronger, then times better, ten times more beautiful, ten times wiser, ten times nicer. Just trust yourself, trust God. He has everything planned for you.

God is looking after you, he knows what is right for you. And he loves you. Even on days when you feel that he is not doing anything for you. Even on days when you are angry at him for taking away someone/something you really love. Even on days you think he doesn’t care about you. Remember, everything happens for a reason. Everything that happens is God’s wish and he has a good reason behind everything.

Please, I beg you, never lose hope. Even if the world turns against you, I am there for you. I want you to know this, no matter whether you are my worst enemy or my best friend I am there if you want someone to talk to, if you want a shoulder to cry on. Just text me, I’ll try to reply as soon as possible.

Recently, I was at a bad place in life and there were so many people who contacted me, who asked how I was, who said that they are there for me. That made me feel so much better. Sometimes just knowing that some people are there for you, that they love you is enough to make you happy, to make you feel better, to make you feel stronger.

For the past few days or maybe weeks, my friend has disappeared. They are not answering calls or replying to messages. I’m so worried about them and that was one of the reasons why I wanted to write this post. Please don’t isolate yourself. Please don’t lose contact with your friends because it is your good friends who carry you through bad times.

This post is inspired by Liz’s post where she shared a similar message. I also wanted to write an encouraging message for everyone who is struggling, even for me to see when days are dark.

Again, please don’t stop being kind even if life is hard for you because other people might also be going through something bad just like you do. Please be kind to everyone around.



45 thoughts on “When life is hard, read this💛”

  1. This is a wonderful post! You are right, knowing that someone is there for you is enough to be happy. I hope that this post goes to all who needed it. Thanks for sharing it with us!💜😃

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  2. What a wonderful message, and so beautifully written! Even when the world around us gets crazy and chaotic, we can have hope in the fact that God already has a plan for each and every one of us! ❤

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  3. Hey Roshni this was a great post and I really needed it right now so thank you so much for writing it ☺️Also hope you’ve improved from the bad place in your life recently ❤️❤️

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