Hello August~ July wrap up! My favourite books, hobbies and more

Hey, lovely people! I hope you are having a great day! How was your July? I cannot get over the fact that July flew away faster than June. Like, how did that happen? I’m halfway through my school year and I haven’t been to school yet.  I’m low-key happy that were in August because we have so many festivals coming soon! Let us see what I did in August!

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A huge shoutout to Evin because her post helped me to make this post more beautiful!


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My productivity went wayy downhill and so did my interest in studies. I was surprised to see how my maths teacher finished three chapters this month and I could not even do ten sums from an exercise? I know that is very careless of me considering that I am in 10th grade now but I cannot do anything when I’m stressed. There was a lot going on in my life this month and I could not focus at all. I did work on a few fun projects but that was not much. I also started working on a few collabs but I could not complete it. Well, that’s okay (this is for you, Rayna) though, I can work harder this month. Something good happened too- I did not have my exams!


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I think I published a good number of posts on here. My post When life is hard, read this was a hit and I was so happy to see that that post could help some people! I did not post collabs as promised before, but that was because I could not work on them. I think I can post a few collabs in August; we’ll see. I had to post some good things on The Jolly Space but I kept forgetting about it and July is over. I think I might do something nice in August.

Some Of my blogging achievements were:

  • I surpassed 1000 likes!
  • I have more than 1000 comments on my blog!

Thank you so much for that! You all are the best✨

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I read a book this month! Yes, only oNe book. Which had… about 96 pages (I read The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry). But I think that is a great achievement since I can add one more book to my read shelf. And yes, I’m officially on Goodreads!! I joined it in December last year just for the sake of being there but after learning more about it, following a few friends and joining a book club, I think I can say that I’m finally on there. Y’all can find me on Goodreads here. I am planning to read atleast three books this month.


Music was a great lifesaver. What would I have done without it? I loved listening to Bad liar by imagine dragons (it has become my favourite band), Lovely by Billie Eilish and Khalid. I also enjoyed old hindi love songs. They’ll  make me fall in love🎶  I was obsessed with Jasleen Royal’s music around the end of the month. My favourite July songs were

this is my hindi songs playlist


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I did a lot of art and craft this month. I might share a few of my artwork soon!

August goals

(Photo by Lum3n on Pexels.com) Please ignore 2017🙈
  • Be more productive📝
  • Study harder
  • Publish collabs
  • Stay focused
  • Read three books📚 (wow, this emoji has three books! What else do I want in life?)

I hope I can accomplish them.🌻(I just could not resist using this emoji and it is linked to one of my upcoming posts. Can you guess which one?)

Posts to look out for in August

You can expect to see some (or maybe all) of these posts. I’m not making any promises, though.

  • Collab with Evin
  • Collab with Flora
  • Collab with Lily
  • Guest post by Maya
  • My favourite youtubers
  • Book reviews
  • August bullet journal setup
  • Playing truth and dare part two

This was my July wrap up. I honestly love doing wrap ups now and I’m already very excited about my August wrap up. I love these chit chatty posts where I get to talk about random stuff and everything going on in my life. I want to know about you guys too. Tell me how you have been? What are your current obsessions and what are you most excited about in August? I’m excited to start bullet journalling next month. Do you want to suggest some books or movies or TV shows or music? Tell me in the comments! Are there any posts you want to see on here? Come, let’s hang out and have a little party in the comments today (that is me telling you that I want to talk)!🎉

Also, how can I forget? Happie Birthdae Harry!!⚡✨🎉🍰 Tell me what you like about Harry Potter in the comments!💕

See you in the comments, bye!

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    1. Thank you so much! Thanks! I don’t like it that much, tbh. It’s a bit…plain? Idk. I LOVE that the story is very imaginative and there are so many thoughtful dialogues but otherwise its not pleasing to my tastes.

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