Routine swap with Evin✨💚

Hello, lovely people! It’s me again!! And guess who I have with me today? (We’ll just pretend that you guys didn’t read the title) Evin! She’s one of my blogger best friends and an amazing blogger! Her blog is so beautiful and fun to read and you should definitely check her blog out!

Evin and I are doing a collab today… We are swapping our night routines today!🌟

Note: I have put Evin’s routine in bold.

I usually eat dinner at 8 pm.

wow, Evin, you have your dinner so early aka I have my dinner very late .I tried to have my dinner at 8 when I followed Evin’s routine and I actually was impressed with myself *pats myself*

Then, to pass time I listen to music or play with Oreo.

ooh, yesss, music!! I’m currently in love with The 1 from Taylor Swift’s album folklore (thanks to Pannaga for that) and so I listened to it.

Around 9 pm I take Oreo for a walk, then bring him inside.

I don’t have a pet so I went to a walk on my own, and it was fun!✨

Later, I edit blog posts or make graphics on canva and that’s around 9:30 pm.

I don’t have any blog posts in my crafts so I just made a card on Canva… which is for someone special 💫

At 10:00, I watch this tv show called law and order with my sister and my mom, and that’s for an hour. I take Oreo inside my room and get ready for bed.

I could not find that show so I watched Just add magic on Amazon prime with my mom and sister. I recently started watching it and I am obsessed 🙃

I sleep with music playing because I have sleep anxiety and music helps me relax✨and actually fall asleep.

Fun fact: I also sleep with music playing because it helps me not to overthink. So, started my playlist and closed my eyes and slowly fell asleep.

Sometimes, I don’t sleep at all and some days I sleep early, like at 11pm.

thats the same with me. This time I fell asleep at 11:30 pm. No, I do not check the time before falling asleep. I just saw the time when I turned off the music before dozing off.

Yay, Evin, I enjoyed following your routine. It was fun! I think I should take some inspiration from your night routine🌃✨ I hope you guys liked this too. Don’t forget to check out the second part of this post at Evin’s blog.

share your night routines in the comments.

I’ll see you soon. Bye!


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